SNPF has over 115,000 registered members


The Samoa National Provident fund has more than 115,000 registered members but over 32,000 are active members.

The Chief Executive Officer for the NPF, Pauli Prince Suhren, confirmed that every registered member is entitled to the five per cent cash interim interest.

This is part of the $40+ million the NPF is cashing out for its members in line with the 50 years jubilee for the fund.

“Even the members that have arrears on their [accounts] or an inactive member since last year July, are eligible for this initiative.

“However it does not include those who have reached the retirement age and have withdrawn their entitlement funds,” explained Pauli.

Minister of Finance, Mulipola Anarosa Ale-Molioo further commented the retired members have already taken out the fair share of their entitlement.

During the press conference, Pauli made it clear that members of the public can go in to register their online accounts, in order for them to access their account and claim their five per cent.

Pauli also made it clear the intention of the five per cent is to be chased out to the members but it’s not mandatory, if the member doesn’t want the five per cent cash, it can be diverted into their account when the deadline to claim the cash interim interest is up.

The last day to redeem this five per cent is 27 May 2022 and unclaimed funds will be credited to the member’s account.