SNPF will distribute more than $40 million back to its members


The Samoa National Provident will issue more than $40 million tala back to its members in form of cash starting tonight.

Minister of Finance Mulipola Anarosa Ale-Molio’o made the announcement during a press conference with the media, where she was accompanied by the SNPF Chief Executive Officer, Pauli Prince Suhren today.

Mulipola explained the Board and SNPF management approved $42.35 million for this initiative.

The 23 March 2020 marked the 50th Jubilee of the Samoa National Provident Fund and is giving back five percent whereas three percent will be distributed in cash and the rest will be distributed at the end of the year. 

Also, a $50 tala will be added to the monthly pension checks for the eligible population which will amount to $250 tala.

The $50 tala will only be given out for the month of April as part of the SNPF jubilee’s payout, said the Minister.

The SNPF will also be making donations to 13 Non-profit organizations of $10,000 each which will be announced at a later date, said the Minister.

Adding this will amount to $130,000 allocated for the NGOs.

The Chief Executive Officer, Pauli explained everyone is required to apply online and at midnight tonight they will start issuing the first three percent for those who have already registered online.

He said three percent will be cashed out tonight but the rest of the remaining two percent will be distributed at the end of the year in line with Christmas.

Adding that more than 13,000 members have registered online due to the lockdown and urge the public they must apply online and they will not allow any walk-in registrations.

The last day to redeem this 3 percent is 27 May 2022 and unclaimed funds will be credited to the member’s account.