Speaker defer issue on HRPP MP’s resignation until Dec sitting


Speaker of the House Li’o Papalii Taeu Masipa’u says the recent resignation of two Members of Parliament from the Human Rights Protection Party, will be addressed in Parliament during its December session. 

This is outlined in a press statement issued yesterday. 

Last week, Ale Vena and Tuu’u Anisii Leota resigned from the HRPP and stood as independent Members. They cited several reasons behind their resignation and called for Tuilaepa to resign as leader. 

Tuu’u said the HRPP is a toxic environment that needs to be overhauled otherwise it will not move forward.

While Ale said that Tuileapa needs to do the right thing and step down from leading the HRPP. 

Li’o in his press released pointed out that since the resignation of two MP’s for Siumu and Faleata #4 which were made publicly and the leader of the HRPP “although suspended, has submitted a letter which recommends that the seats fir these electoral constituencies be made vacant in Parliament” prompted him to issue an official statement on this matter.

“However I am well aware that this is a sensitive matter, if the seats for these electoral constituencies are to be vacant, in recognition of fundamental rights of these Members pursuant to Article 47 of the Constitution of the Independent State of Samoa. 

“In this regard, it is the Speakers good intention that this matter should be presented before the Legislative Assembly in its meeting December 20, 2022 for a just decision on this matter.”