Spring tide expected tomorrow morning after 6am

The highest tide of the month of August is expected tomorrow morning after 6:00. This event coincides with the highest tide of the year.
Although the tide may peak tomorrow morning but higher than normal tides are expected for the next 3 days, especially in the mornings.
Fortunately, the forecast impacts for tomorrow are minimal when compared to the Spring Tide (called King Tide due to the impacts and involvement of severe weather) of July.
Based on the latest computer model, the winds are expected to weaken over the weekend and the waves to be below
advisory thresholds. So there is no significant weather event in the forecast apart from light winds and waves (below thresholds), apart from rainfall and thunderstorms.
For the next three days, the maximum tides are expected in the mornings between 6:00-8:00 am

Possible Impacts, inundation in a low-lying coastal areas, beach erosion and moderate to strong seas