SQA to host inaugural National Post Education and Training Exhibition

The Samoan Qualifications Authority is delighted to be hosting its inaugural ‘National Post School Education and Training Exhibition 2023’ with theme “Empowering for a successful future”. The PSET Exhibition will take place on 5th – 6th September in Upolu and 8th September in Savaii.
This event is a change from the SQA National Career Day that was filmed and aired on local television in 2020 and 2022. The PSET Exhibition showcases a range of opportunities available in the PSET sector. SQA ACEO for Qualifications Division, Tupe Tagomoa-Isara says “the PSET exhibition is the chance for students from secondary schools to meet with the PSET providers.
This exhibition is a chance for PSET providers to showcase their programmes and learning opportunities for students from Secondary Schools.”
“We have been working alongside PSET providers in the planning and organisation of this inaugural exhibition.
“We all know how important it is for students to have the chance to see what options are available to them to continue their learning journey after they complete Secondary Education.”
SQA Chief Executive Officer, Tupai Peter Peilua says “for SQA, running this exhibition face-to-face for the first time since COVID 19 is a big achievement and an exciting opportunity to support continuous learning.
“We are very pleased to be offering PSET providers and students the chance to meet face-to-face and discuss options for successful future learning.
Understanding their options is an important step for these students and we are pleased to support them with connecting them to information to make the right decisions for them to continue their learning journey.”
SQA has invited 12 colleges for Upolu and 12 colleges for Savaii to join this event alongside a total of 19 PSET providers. Special performances from selected PSET providers such as Don Bosco, Piula, Malua and Tesese are included in the program.