SROS’s FY 2022 had many disruptions due to Covid


The Samoa Research Organization financial year 2022 has had many disruptions caused by the coronavirus pandemic. 

There was a need to balance the delay in the arrival of imported consumables and equipment with the ability to maintain the continuation of projects and services. 

At the same time, emphasis was placed on promoting the safety and hygiene of the working environments for the Organisation’s staff. 

Overall, the journey was daunting, and the Organisation could maintain most of its obligations. 

During the national lockdown to reduce the spread of Covid19, the Organisation maximised its information technology infrastructure and virtual communication platforms. 

This allowed continued dialogue with the different divisions within the Organisation and with key partners regionally and internationally. 

Also, when permitted, a few scientists and the corporate services team accessed the laboratories and offices to continue experiments and execute essential payments. 

The multipurpose factory for the commercial division has been built, and the instalments of most of the heavy equipment for producing ethanol and dehydrated products are near completion. 

There is hope that there will be increased private sector interest in the value-added production lines and subsequent stimulation of crop production in the agriculture sector.

The establishment of the agriculture research division in the Organisation has seen an increase of support from local farmers for a combined effort in addressing the challenges of producing sufficient crops to meet growing consumer demand.