STA Minister says CEO is taking leave


The Minister of the Samoa Tourism Authority Toesulusulu Cedric Schuster says Chief Executive Officer, Fa’amatuainu Suifua Lenata’i is taking leave and has not been suspended.

The Minister dispelled the rumours noting that he approved the CEO’s leave two week ago.

“I approved his leave and there is no suspension, that;s not true,” said the Minister.

Adding that its good timing for the CEO to take time off, to allow the investigation by the STA Board.

The investigation by the Board follows complaints by STA staff and a former employee which has been lodged with the Minister of Toesulusulu and Minister of Public Enterprises Leatinuu Wayne So’oialo.

The complainants accused the CEO of misconduct including claims of a $10,000 contract awarded solely to his carpenter, which Fa’amatuainu denied.

When the complaints surfaced, the CEO has questioned the timing of the complaint letters filed against him by his subordinates.

Fa’amatuainu old Radio Polynesia the complaint letters surfaced at the time his contract has ended and he’s re-applied for another three years to carry out his work as Chief Executive Officer.

Radio Polynesia obtained three copies of the complaints lodged against the CEO over claims of Government properties allegedly taken to his residence, such as cements, roofing iron, ply wood and tiles; which Fa’amatuainu vehemently denied taking any part in removing of Government properties.

Furthermore the complaints alleges that Suifua used vulgar language against his staff, the CEO also denied in an interview with Radio Polynesia.

The STA staff proceeded to file the criminal complaint with the Police.