Star Kist official in Samoa to recruit more workers


Officials of American Samoa’s biggest employer, StarKist Samoa were in the Country earlier this week to meet Cabinet Ministers on recruiting workers from Samoa. 

This was confirmed by Samoa’s Consul General Fata Brian Kaio, who was part of the delegation, in response to Radio Polynesia questions. 

Fata confirmed the Star Kist officials that were part of the delegation were Tufuga Faafoi Palepua, Senior Manager Mr Ha, Plant Director, and Molly Schuster Human Resources Manager. 

“We also visited the Australia Pacific Training Coalition, to create awareness with different trade graduates informing them of employment opportunities available at Starkist such as engineers, plumbing and carpentry.”

“The delegation also met with Minister of Public Enterprises Leatinuu Wayne Sooialo who is responsible for seasonal workers and Minister Leota Laki overseeing the district councils that Starkist would like to use for recruitment.”

According to Fata they had the support of the American Samoa Government and the delegation was led by Director of Agriculture Solia Mutini as part of the Atoa o Samoa collaborations between the two governments “as Starkist is important to American Samoa and Samoa.

In July, Talanei reported that a request was submitted to the Covid-19 Task Force for 200 workers who were approved for the program before travel was interrupted due to the first community case of Covid.

In April, the American Samoa Government issued a statement reporting on 906 block permits were issued for potential guest workers, and to date, 772 guest workers were approved and are working in the territory.

“Of those who have arrived, two were returned to Samoa immediately, and five of the workers have had their sponsorship terminated by StarKist.”

Fainuulelei commended the Lemanu-Talauega Administration’s initiative to continue the Guest Worker Program to continue to operate before and after the COVID-19 community spread which in turn has provided employment opportunities to over 2,000 employees, and opportunities for many supporting businesses.