SVSG kicks off its 2023 agenda with activities to eliminate violence against women and girls


SVSG started off its 2023 agenda by revisiting for monitoring purposes, the youth groups, untitled men’s groups (aumaga), and village communities selected to implement the activities under the organization’s project with the government of Samoa, to eliminate violence against women and girls.

The visit monitored the various livelihood projects by 5 youth groups and 5 untitled men’s groups, to alleviate poverty while supporting their tautua or service in the village.

For the groups of youth and untitled men, it was observed that each has earned a fair bit of income from their respective projects; enabling them to serve the church and the village communities, with the rest being saved in their bank accounts for future development works. Improved self-esteem was noted as the members of the SVSG monitoring team talked to the youth and untitled men’s groups.

Additionally, SVSG managed to obtain feedback from the village councils who have drawn up Community Guides to assist their villages in eliminating gender-based violence.

According to representatives of the village councils from Vailuutai, Fusi Safata, Saleapaga and Lalomauga, small changes have been observed as the village takes note of the measures put in place to encourage safety in the community while eliminating violence.

The villages, youths and aumaga groups visited by SVSG yesterday included: • Tuanai Methodist Youth • Vailuutai (village council) • Pata Falelatai (aumaga) • Saleapaga (village council) • Gagaifolevao (aumaga) • Falevao CCCS youth • Lalomauga (village council) • Fusi Safata (village council)