Gov amends advisory for travellers from American Samoa


The Measles Outbreak in American Samoa with its imminent spread to Samoa realizes the need for vigilance at our international borders. 

The Ministry of Health pursuant to section 29 of the Health Ordinance 1959 hereby strongly advises that: All Travelers (including infants aged 6 months and above) are required to be vaccinated with at least a single dose of a Measles containing vaccine before entering Samoa, even if this was given the day before. 

Infants below 6 months and pregnant mothers are exempted from this requirement.

A legitimate vaccine certificate/note is required before boarding and a hard copy must be presented both at check-in and upon arrival into Samoa for sighting. 

Vaccine certificates in electronic form stored on phones or other electronic devices must have a QR code. Failure to provide a legitimate vaccination certificate, or can result in NO BOARDING or Denied Entry into Samoa. 

Upon Arrival into Samoa and pursuant to section 29 of the Health Ordinance 1959: a. All passengers are required to wear face masks at all times and are strongly encouraged to take precautionary and preventative measures within the first seven days of arrival. 

 Passengers must submit to a Nasal pharyngeal Swab for PCR testing upon request by Health Officials at the Airport. 

If you are experiencing any Signs and symptoms of measles include fever, dry cough, redness or swelling in eyes or eyelids or watery eyes; sensitivity to light; runny nose, sneezing, reddish-brown rash that starts from the head and spreads throughout the whole body; feeling of tiredness and body aches, and loss of appetite. 

Seek medical attention immediately if anyone in your household has these symptoms. 

Inform the Healthcare worker (Doctor, Nurse etc) of your recent travel history. Travellers and crew entering Samoa must comply with all requirements stipulated in this travel advice. 

The compliance of all travellers with the conditions listed is imperative in ensuring the safety of all travellers and their families in Samoa.