Three more COVID related deaths in Am. Samoa


Three more covid related deaths have been recorded in the last two days, amounting to seven lives taken by the virus as a result of the pandemic.

Talanei reports the confirmation comes from the LBJ Hospital’s Acting Chief of Staff, Dr Akapusi Ledua the three deaths occurred yesterday and this morning.

“An 81-year-old man from Aua was pronounced dead on arrival at the LBJ Hospital. He has been a patient at the hospital earlier this month and was discharged on March 7. “His family had signed a form to not resuscitate him if he stopped breathing. He had multiple comorbidities.”

EMS technicians tested him for Covid before the body was taken to the hospital and the man tested positive.

The second death is a 29-year-old female also from Aua who died in the LBJ Covid tent while being treated yesterday.

The woman had rheumatic heart disease and was first treated as an outpatient on March 25th and then sent home.

When she returned to the hospital yesterday she underwent treatment in the Covid tent and was tested positive but died due to heart failure with Covid a contributing factor.

The woman who had a valve operation in New Zealand in 2015 had one covid shot.

The latest death was a 61-year-old male from Vaitogi who was admitted on March 22 with multiple medical conditions and was seriously ill the whole time he was in the Covid Ward. He died early this morning.

The man had two vaccinations but no booster. Dr Ledua said he died of multiple Heath problems along with Covid-19”