Total cash grant assistance of $165.4million proposed in FY 2024


Minister of Finance, Mulipola Anarosa Ale Molioo says the total cash grant assistance of $165.4million is expected to finance development expenditures for ongoing projects, sector programs, as well as newly approved investments in all sectors, primarily in the transport & infrastructure, agriculture & fisheries, health and education sectors.

This is part of the $1.08 billion tala proposed budget for the new Financial Year that is now tabled in Parliament. 

Mulipola said the sector budget support will continue for the health, water, agriculture & fisheries sectors, with the final year for the education sector program.

“In addition, the in-kind assistance estimated at $ 104.3 million for fiscal year 2023/24 will be directly received by the beneficiaries and not delivered through the Government systems, in support of the implementation of the Government’s development priorities at national and community levels.

“The Government also secured standby facilities and contingency financing with the Asian Development Bank (CDF) and World Bank (CAT-DDO) for effective response to natural disasters or health emergencies that may affect Samoa in the future.

“Samoa looks forward to continuing its effective and genuine partnerships with all development partners in support of our national development priorities, and our international commitments.”