Total number of Covid-19 cases is 14,996

The Ministry of Health has released the latest seven-day rolling average report on the status of COVID-19 in Samoa, commencing on 26 June-3 July 2022.
The report confirmed 95 positive cases. The total number of confirmed community cases is 14,848. COVID-19 cases at the Port of Entry (POE) totaled 148 including one (1) new imported case.
This takes the total number of cases (community and border) to 14,996. The death toll for Samoa remains at 29.
While Samoa remains at alert level 1, we continue to urge the members of the public to take heed of the public health advice to maintain good personal hygiene, help contain the spread of the virus, and prevent new infections. The safety of our families and loved ones is everyone’s responsibility.
Eligible members of the public are also implored to please visit the nearest hospital for their first or second dose and booster shot. Vaccination remains our best defense against the severe effects of the virus.