Traffic Officer fined for throwing stones and uttering insulting words


A Police Officer has been fined $200 tala after he was found guilty of throwing stones and uttering insulting words.  

Faalogo Fetulele, who works for the Traffic Division, from Sagone Savaii appeared in the District Court for sentencing. 

According to the police summary of facts, this is in relation to a dispute in Sagone between the Officer and a Chief of the Village. After a hearing, the defendant was found guilty of throwing rocks and uttering insulting words and he was fined $200. 

For the charges of being armed with a dangerous weapon and trespassing, Fetulele was convicted and discharged. 

He was ordered to pay the fine otherwise, he would be sent to jail for two weeks. Fetulele was represented by Alex Su’a who called eight witnesses to testify in this case. 

Prosecuting was Tuiloma Tu Muliava from the Ministry of Police and Prisons.