Tuu’u: HRPP is a toxic environment that needs to be overhauled


Member of Parliament for Siumu, Tuu’u Anasii Leota’s resignation from the Human Rights Protection Party was officially submitted on Thursday to the leader of the party, suspended Lepa MP, Tuilaepa Dr Sailele Malielegaoi.

In his letter dated 3 November 2022 Tuu’u cited several reasons behind his resignation.

“It is with regret that I submit this resignation letter as a Member of the HRPP after years of loyal support and commitment to the party after more than 20 years in the Party, as a member of Parliament for the District of Siumu.”

Tuu’u said he joined the HRPP over the principles and values that the party stood for and for that is the protection of every individual’s human rights.

“Sadly, that is no longer the case. The shocking defeat of the Party in the last general election in April 2021 should have been the trigger for the Party and leadership to revisit our purpose and what we stand for, and instigate change, where it is desperately needed. I believe the Party has clearly departed from what is set out to do.

“The people of Samoa who voted us in no longer have confidence in the Party and its Members as Chairperson of Human Rights Protection,” said Tuu’u.

Adding that while HRPP remains dear to his heart given the hard work of the Members and supporters however over the years the Party abandoned its core values and beliefs.

“The Party no longer stands for the protection of the rights of the people of Samoa, but only a few privileged and selected ones. “The post-2021 General elections loss and the long drawn out refusal of the Party under your leadership to concede defeat was embarrassing and a poor example for the Party and supporters and most especially the people of Samoa.

“Party leadership has become increasingly an authoritarian one-man Party which only listens to one or two and fails to be consultive and democratic in seeking views and listening to its members. This approach has created a controlling environment where independent views are suppressed, where only followers rather than leaders are developed.

“You know I have challenged these issues a number of times at Caucus meetings and discussions.”

Tuu’u also pointed out that Tuilaepa has “blatantly disregarded the court decisions proving your guilt of contempt of court and contempt of Parliament. “You have been suspended twice from Parliament yet there is no indication at all that you would do the right thing and step down as a leader so that you lead by example and the Party can move on.

“This is a clear reflection of your arrogance and refusal to acknowledge that the Party needs a breath of fresh air through new leadership.”

The Siumu MP said the HRPP is a toxic environment that needs to be overhauled otherwise it will not move forward.

“It also signals that you do not trust the leadership expertise and knowledge of other members of the Party as well as a failure to put in place a leadership succession plan for the good of the Party in the past couple of years. “I can no longer support HRPP under this type of leadership and environment.”

Tuu’u said the fundamental principles of good governance and ethical behaviours for leading the Party do not exist anywhere.

“Bullying tactics, personal attacks, character assassination and disrespectful language have become a poem for you. The public is tired of this. “They need to hear a new tone, new lyrics that embrace a positive change and hope for the future through empowerment of the people.

“A culture that does not change will die. Ole fuata ma lona lou. There is corruption in the midst of the party that needs to be addressed so the integrity of the Party can be restored and that HRPP can earn back the trust of the majority of the people that we have lost.”

Tuu’u said there was consultation with his constituency over his resignation and he has received their full support. and blessings as an independent member.

“This will enable me to continue to voice their opinions and vote according to what is in the best interest not only of my district who elected me into Parliament but also for the betterment of Samoa as a whole without any fear of pressures of Party affiliation.”

The Siumu MP concluded by acknowledging Tuilaepa’s great work over the years and his service not only as the leader of the HRPP but also of Samoa.