Two men drowned during Palolo fishing in Pago


In American Samoa, two men who went out palolo hunting on Tuesday drowned. 

The first body was uncovered the same night and has been identified as former director, Henry Tavake. 

The second body was found Wednesday morning by the Marine Patrol Boat. 

This was confirmed by the director of Search and Rescue Faamasino Upuese Galoia in response to questions from Samoa News. 

“The men fell overboard at the head of the airport. The first body was found the same night, and the second body was found (Wednesday) morning around 11am. 

“I cannot give out any further details as we have yet to receive a full report from the Marine Patrol that conducted the search, which started Monday when we first received the call. 

It was suspended at the wee hours of Monday night and continued on Tuesday,” he said. 

Asked whether the men had life jackets on, but the director said he cannot comment on that aspect at the moment, but reports from Marine Patrol officers that conducted the search told Radio Polynesia the men did not have any life jackets. 

“I cannot comment on that, but what I can say is that, it is a major issue, when people go out at sea, they need to wear life jackets, but it’s somewhat difficult to enforce that,” he said.