U.S. Embassy handover of education equipment to MESC


The U.S. Embassy hosted a special handover ceremony at the American Corner (2nd floor of Nelson Memorial Library) on June 15 to officially donate new computers, new chairs, educational and learning materials, furniture, and décor to the Ministry of Education, Sports, and Culture for use at the Corner.

The Embassy also pledged to provide another year of free internet at the Corner.

In remarks, U.S. Embassy Chargé d’Affaires Jonathan Lee Yoo said, “the United States
the government believes in providing education for all.

The goal of this American Corner is to ensure that all ages, groups, and communities in Samoa can obtain information, facts, and education at a free and open space.

The equipment donated today reflects the U.S. Embassy’s support for Samoa’s education system.

We hope to expand this partnership to Savaii in the coming months.”

This is a continuing initiative by the U.S. Embassy in partnership with the Ministry of
Education, Sports, and Culture.  With support from the Government of the United States, the American Corner provides free literacy and educational resources to the Samoan public.

The Corner focuses on supporting the student population while concurrently promoting
educational opportunities in the United States and American culture.

The United States also awarded a $16,000 WST grant to the Ministry of Education, Sports,
and Culture to conduct educational programming at the Corner over the coming year.