US officials visits campus of hope


The children residents of the Campus of Hope shelter facility for abused women and children are included in the Pacific Partnership 2023 (PP23) event in Samoa this week from 13 to 18 September 2023 through a rehabilitative activity with the USS Jackson today.

Noriko Horiuchi, the US Charge d’affaires, led the activity and visitation. Chaplain Richard Lander sat down with the children for a rehabilitation talk, encouraging them of the bright and colorful chapters in their lives that God continues to write for them.

The rehabilitation talk and activity could not have come at a better time, as most of the younger children and the carers at the Campus are still recovering from the horrific noises from the weekend crash into their safe haven.

According to a correspondence from the Office of the US Embassy, requesting an engagement with the children at the Campus, “the USS Jackson, under the 2023 Pacific Partnership (PP23), has embarked on its annual deployment of services, in collaboration with regional governments, humanitarian organizations, and non-governmental organizations. This initiative, orchestrated by the United States Navy Pacific Fleet (PACFLT), aims to promote maritime security, safety, and cooperation in our region.”

“To further enrich the programs during PP23 in Samoa, a rehabilitation encouragement talk and visit to the Campus of Hope is to be conducted by the PP23 Chaplain Richard Lander, who is in Samoa to support the mission.”

The rehabilitation activity today has been a fruitful engagement with the children, as it not only aligns with the Pacific Partnership 2023’s commitment to the well-being and rehabilitation of our community members but also it has had a positive impact on the children of hope.

The ice cream and cake served by some of the Navy Officers themselves was icing on the cake for the children.

“Thank you so muchNoriko Horiuchi for reassuring SVSG once again of the US Embassy’s continued support of the support services that we offer, especially in maintaining the security of the Campus of Hope.” Siliniu Lina Chang, SVSG President.