USAID signs $6 million partnership agreement with ADB for pacific countries


The U.S. government, through the United States Agency for International Development (USAID) signed a nearly $6.2 million partnership agreement with the Asian Development Bank (ADB) to strengthen community resilience, advance inclusive and sustainable economic growth, and promote democratic governance in the Pacific Islands region.

USAID Acting Mission Director for the Philippines, Pacific Islands, and Mongolia Betty Chung, and ADB Senior Advisor for Strategy, Policy, and Partnerships Kenji Yuhaku, signed the partnership agreement, which will map the joint development work of both agencies across the countries including for the next five years. 

USAID and ADB will collaborate with local and regional partners to implement projects that will help communities mitigate the impacts of, prepare for, and respond to the challenges of climate change.

The organizations will jointly promote private sector-led investments to expand access to climate-smart energy systems, and strengthen health systems to improve health outcomes.

USAID and ADB will also undertake initiatives to help Pacific Island expand economies despite the challenges of distance and isolation.

Lastly, the partnership will bolster democratic governance through initiatives that promote public accountability by improving transparency, access to information, and anti-corruption enforcement measures.


“As a Pacific nation with a deep history and strong ties in the region, this agreement further underscores the commitment of the United States to Pacific Island countries,” said Acting Mission Director Chung, citing that USAID alone has more than quadrupled its humanitarian and development assistance to the Pacific Island region over the past decade, from approximately $20 million to $90 million per year. 

“We believe that by advancing an open, connected, prosperous, resilient, and secure Indo-Pacific, countries in the region will be more empowered to adapt to the challenges of the 21st century and to seize its many opportunities,” Acting Mission Director Chung added.

 “ADB and USAID share similar goals in addressing development challenges in the region,” said ADB Director General for the Pacific Leah Gutierrez. 

“This new partnership will provide for stronger collaboration in Pacific island countries as they continue to address climate change risks, strengthen efforts to mitigate and respond to disasters, and improve management of natural resources in the Pacific region.”