UTOS $7.5 million dividend recorded as largest payout to unit holders


The Board and Trustees of the Unit Trust of Samoa have declared a total distribution to unitholders of $7.5 million tala for the financial year ending 30th June 2022. 

This payout will benefit about 4,300 unitholders based on their unit balance as of the end of June 2022. This will be the largest payout declared by the Unit Trust of Samoa since it started operation in 2010.

Each unitholder will be entitled to receive 8 sene per unit from this distribution. The total returns to unitholders for this financial year amount to 9.25% comprising a 4.52% dividend yield and 4.73% capital growth from the increase in unit price over the period. 

Unitholders will be able to make their dividend choice from the 8th of July 2022 until the 7th of October 2022.

This can be facilitated using online access, UTOS mobile app, or by visiting our office.

“It has been a challenging year; however, the Management Company remains committed to delivering positive results for the unitholders despite the impacts and challenges of the ongoing economic disruptions due to the Covid-19 pandemic. 

During the year, the Trust has undertaken significant local and regional investments which will continue to enhance its overall investment portfolio performance in the long run. To this extent, the future outlook of the Trust remains promising for its existing and future unitholders,” the statement says. 

Adding that the Management Company continues to work tirelessly to ensure that unitholder confidence remains high reflecting effective customer service and positive financial performance. 

“The ability of the Trust to continue to make dividend payouts year on year is a testament to its commitment and diligence to its unitholders.

On behalf of the Board and Trustees, the CEO, Tevaga Viane Tagiilima, would like to convey his gratitude to all unitholders and stakeholders who continue to invest in the Trust Fund during these challenging times and to assure all unitholders that the management and staff of UTOS will perform to their utmost to pursue and secure rewarding investment opportunities for them.”