Vaccination rollout to the villages, says NEOC Chair


There is a proposal to take vaccinations to the villages for families that were unable to go to the testing sites earlier today.

However it is not possible to take the Pfizer vaccination out in the villages due several factors, said Acting Director-General, Tagaloa Dr Robert Thomsen in response to Radio Polynesia questions during the Press Conference earlier today.

“The Pfizer cannot be mobilized, without the proper cold chain. In addition, there is another sensitive issue with this specific vaccine, once it’s mixed it has to be used right away, and it can’t wait until the vaccine reaches the next house to be used. The vaccine has to be administered immediately once it’s mixed,” explained Tagaloa.

Chairman of the National Emergency Operations Committee, Agafili Shem Leo says the Pfizer vaccines will arrive next week Tuesday and the Government will make the appropriate announcement as to their plans as to what and when the vaccines will be taken to the villages.

According to Agafili the data is low in terms of the people getting their booster, just as well for the second vaccination of children between 12-17.

“This is one of the major programs the NEOC is working on and once the dates are approved by Cabinet the information will be disseminated to the public accordingly,” said Agafili.

The question follows the confusion raised by members of the public regarding whether the vaccination, screening, and testing sites will only allow those with vehicles.

However some families don’t have cars and with public transportation prohibited, they are unclear as to how they will get to the vaccine sites.

Radio Polynesia radio stations, received a number of calls from the public asking whether health teams will go to the villages, for families that do not have vehicles. Further, the public claimed that calls to the hospital were either transferred or they were put on hold or didn’t get any answers.