Vodafone celebrates two years in Samoa


Today, 4th April 2022, marks the 2nd Anniversary, since the establishment of Vodafone in Samoa.

“Together We Can’ places the emphasis on ‘we’, and how collaboration between the human spirit and innovation can achieve great things,” says Nofoasaefa Satish Sharma, Chief Executive Officer, Vodafone.

“The experience of these last two years during the COVID-19 crisis has demonstrated more than ever the critical role of connectivity and technology in keeping society, businesses and governments connected.

As a purpose-led company, Vodafone fundamentally believes that technology can improve lives, and this new positioning builds further momentum to our purpose to connect for a better future and enable an inclusive, sustainable digital society.”

Vodafone Samoa is inspired by consumer research carried out by the company which revealed that the role of technology is profoundly transforming people’s lives.

Findings identified how technology has evolved from something that simply excites the people of Samoa on a personal level, to play a more meaningful part in the world and most importantly here in Samoa, in particular, in making a difference on issues such as societal development.

Over the past years, Vodafone’s Together We Can message has been set in motion by the company’s deployment of enhancing network connectivity to people and communities alike, embracing communications technology to support education, health and wellbeing (sports) to create a more inclusive society.