Vodafone Miss Global cannot use the Government’s emblem, flag, or Samoa’s name, says Minister

Tourism Minister Toeolesulusulu Pōsē II Cedric Schuster has notified organizers of a Miss Samoa Global Pageant that only one official Miss Samoa represents the country nation-side and globally.
According to Government media, Vodafone Samoa is reportedly planning to stage a Miss Samoa Global Beauty Pageant with the intention for the winner to represent Samoa at the Miss Global Competition.
To clear any grey areas, Toeolesulusulu met with Vodafone Samoa to clarify the issues.
At that meeting, the Minister revealed to Savali that Vodafone Samoa did not accept his advice to recognize the Miss Samoa selected by Government via the S.T.A. as the official representative in the Miss Global Pageant.
To that effect, the Minister told the organizers that Government would not recognize or endorse whoever wins the Vodafone Samoa-organized pageant as Miss Samoa Global.
And mindful of the organizer’s rights, the Minister said he made it very clear that if they still wanted to enter a contestant, the Vodafone Miss Global could not use the Government emblem, flag, or Samoa’s name.
“For the record, only one Miss Samoa is representing the whole of Samoa, and there can never be two,” he reinstated. The Miss Global Pageant is planned for November this year.
SOURCE: Government Media, Savali