Vodafone Samoa supports the Allan Alo Arts Festival


Vodafone Samoa stands by Allan Alo Arts Festival (A.A.A.F) as their primary sponsor of its highly anticipated 2023 edition, set to take place from November 6th to the 11th.

This partnership brings together two organizations committed to promoting art, culture, and unity across the Pacific. As the major sponsor of the A.A.A.F 2023, Vodafone Samoa demonstrates its unwavering dedication to fostering cross-cultural understanding and artistic exchange.

This collaboration amplifies the festival’s cultural richness and strengthens artistic bonds across the Pacific region, aligning with Vodafone Samoa’s core values of diversity and inclusion.

Glenville Lord and Valentino Maliko, Directors of SPACE, the organization behind the A.A.A.F, expressed their gratitude for Vodafone Samoa’s support.

“Vodafone Samoa’s sponsorship plays a pivotal role in making the A.A.A.F 2023 an unforgettable experience for our community and participants.

“We share a common vision of celebrating our cultures, heritage, and the resilience of Pacific Islanders.”

They are thrilled to announce the participation of our international guest artists for this year’s event and honored to welcome back MataDance Fiji from Fiji and Samadhi Hawaii from Hawaii.

Both of these groups are set to enthral our audience once again with their vibrant and captivating performances. Furthermore, it is our privilege to introduce Villa Junior Lemanu as our special guest artist from New Zealand. This collaboration comes as a result of our partnership with the New Zealand Pacific Dance Festival.

Villa Junior Lemanu’s inclusion in our lineup not only enriches the cultural tapestry of our festival but also strengthens artistic connections across the Pacific region. This event will be held at the MESC Samoan Centre Theatre.

Vodafone Samoa’s commitment to promoting the Arts as a career path and a means of physical, mental, and spiritual development for youth aligns perfectly with the A.A.A.F’s objectives. Their support enables the festival to continue enabling regional and international creativity, while also creating networking opportunities and enhancing prospects for local artists.

The A.A.A.F 2023 promises to be a remarkable celebration of the performing arts, embracing the themes “Journey Into The Past,” “Within The Present,” and “Step into the Future.”

This year’s festival delves into the intricate tapestry of individual decisions that have shaped the present circumstances and shared visions for the future of Pacific Islanders.

Central to the concept is the seamless integration of myths and legends, enriching our understanding of cultural identities as custodians and storytellers.

Vodafone Samoa’s partnership underscores their commitment to supporting cultural enrichment and artistic expression in the Pacific region. Together with the festival’s participants, sponsors, and supporters, the A.A.A.F 2023 is set to create an unforgettable experience that celebrates art, culture, and unity.