Weekly flights between two Samoa to start next week


The American Samoa Government has confirmed that weekly flights between Samoa and the US territory will remain Monday, Wednesday, and Friday.

However, the Government is looking into allowing additional days for flights and they hope to have the schedule for new flights starting next week.

This was announced during a press conference this week.

According to Talauega they “are also moving away from leaving authority” office of the Governor’s Authorized Representative to make decisions on permits and entrance of vessels into American Samoa.

“This is part of moving us back to normal procedures starting with the Governor’s declaration May 28, all; permits are now issued by the Attorney General and the Immigration office,” said the Lt Governor.

Adding that for those that require permits for people entering American Samoa from Samoa, or other foreign Countries to contact the immigration office and the AG’s office for the permits.

Talauega said they are allocating the authority back to the respective agencies that are mandated to deal with these approvals.
“And remove the hurdle that has been in place for over two years,” he said.