Woman jailed in gun shooting incident


A woman who discharged a firearm, injuring a 22-year-old man in defense of her husband, has been sentenced to 10 months in jail. This is concerning an incident that occurred in 2019. 

Leuluaialii Selesitina Vaaulu of Moata’a appeared in sentencing earlier this week before his honours Justice Leiataualesa Daryl Michael Clarke. 

He said the defendant pleaded guilty to assault causing grievous bodily harm, armed with a dangerous weapon, discharging a firearm,, and possessing an unregistered firearm. According to the Police report, the Defendant was returning home with children in her car while the victim and other young men were at the front of her home.

They had moved white rocks alongside the roadside in front of the Defendant’s home, and a verbal exchange occurred. The victim and his friends left and returned, walking past the Defendant’s house when the woman’s husband approached them.

He argued with the victim and then struck the victim with a pipe. The victim punched the man, and he fell to the ground. The woman came out with a 22 rifle and fired the gun into the sky. However, the victim and his friends did not leave. She fired the weapon again while aiming at the victim.

He sustained a bullet wound to the left side of his buttocks. He was admitted to the hospital and discharged the following day. The victim’s impact report states it is unclear when the bullet can be removed, but he complains of pain if walking too long.

His honours acknowledged the defendant came to her husband’s aid, but she went too far. 

A non-custodial sentence is not appropriate. The defendant took an unregistered firearm and, intending to cause grievous bodily harm, intentionally shot the victim, causing him unfortunate bodily injury.

“Anyone who touches a gun and uses it intending to cause grievous bodily harm to another human being must understand that such an act will almost inevitably lead you to the gates of Tanumalala Prison.”