Yazaki Kizuna Foundation increases scholarships for NUS students


National University of Samoa students have the opportunity to take up scholarships for Bachelor’s and Doctorate degrees thanks to the generosity of the Yazaki Kizuna Foundation, a non-profit general incorporated foundation in Japan established by Yazaki Corporation.

For this year, the Yazaki Kizuna Foundation has expanded its scholarship program, 50 foundation scholarships; 20 Bachelor’s and five for PhD students as a one-time special measure in response to COVID-19.

In a press statement issued, due to the COVID-19 positive cases in the country creating turbulent times of concern for the health, education, social welfare, and economic livelihoods of individuals and their families. In response to this emergency situation, the Yazaki Kizuna Foundation, in consultation with the National University of Samoa, has decided to flexibly address the educational needs of the University.

“As a result, scholarships for PhD degrees, for example, are offered to 6 students in total this year which makes Yazaki Kizuna Foundation to become the largest donor of NUS PhD Scholarships to date. Not to mention, the NUS has also received tremendous support from other NUS Scholarship donors such as the Samoa Gambling Authority, Rotary Club, MESC, PSC, MOF and others. 

Michiyo HAMADA, Yazaki Kizuna Foundation President said, this year, they decided to offer a special measure at the request of the NUS VC and President.

“We strongly hope that NUS students will not be hampered by the COVID-19 calamity, but will achieve their academic aspirations and apply their achievements to their post-graduation activities for the sustainable development of the Independent State of Samoa.”

Vice Chancellor of the National University of Samoa, Professor Aiono Alec Ekeroma acknowledged the assistance of the Yazaki Foundation.

“I am deeply overwhelmed and excited to acknowledge the extensive scholarships from the Yazaki Kizuna Foundation this year. It is a blessing indeed for the National University of Samoa to embrace these Scholarships, simultaneously, we are absolutely grateful to uphold the strong partnership that we have established with the Yazaki Kizuna Foundation in Samoa from the past to the present!

“Most importantly, the (6) PhD scholarships will assist in building research capacity leading to the wealth of research and evidence-informed policies and practices”.

Professor Aiono Alec Ekeroma also stated, “In fact, at the end of the day, the students are the fundamental beneficiaries as a result of the sponsorships being granted; given the quality of the work and service that will be provisioned and received within the confines of the University classrooms.

“More so, the support for continuous learning and research findings will be up to date and current to achieve efficiency and effectiveness in managing future University projects and academic insights for the government as well as the community.”

The National University of Samoa encourages its academic staff to utilize these scholarships to up-skill and pursue their academic doctoral journey. 

“In light of that, NUS offers PhD studies in most of its eight faculties and the opportunity is open to applicants from outside the University to those with a master’s degree.

The closing date is the 17th of June 2022.