Young man given second chance


Fealofani Togialelei has been placed on 18 months probation for grievous bodily harm and armed with a dangerous weapon. 

This is in relation to a drinking session that led to a fight and stabs wounds against his cousin. The recent sentencing was handed down by Supreme Court Justice Fepeulea’i Ameperosa Roma.

According to the judgement and sentencing of the court, the defendant pleaded guilty to the original charges at the earliest opportunity in July last year. Following several adjournments over a disputed summary of facts, the charge was amended to that of the lesser grievous bodily injury. 

“Rather than transfer you for sentence in the District Court and thereby prolonging the proceedings, Justice Roma decided to sentence you in this court.” According to the police report, a fight occurred between the defendant and his cousin and during the struggle, the defendant picked up a knife when the victim charged at him.

The men fell on a bed while the defendant had a knife in his hand this resulted in injuries to the victim’s back. Justice Roma during the recent sentencing pointed out the serious injuries were inflicted on the victim and the “impacts are less serious compared to other cases that have come before the court.

The defendant is young and has accepted responsibility and taken steps to address a significant factor in your offending and to become better.”  

Justice Roma, concluded by giving the defendant a second chance, “you must make good use of the opportunity. Second chances do not come around too often.” 

“On the charge of causing grievous bodily harm and charge of being armed with a dangerous weapon, you are convicted of both and sentenced to 18 months’ supervision, with a condition that you complete 80 hours of community work.”